This week in Baton Rouge, the Senate and Governmental Affairs Committee passed SCR 2, the Equal Rights Amendment Resolution. The bill now moves to the Senate Floor. I would like to commend Senator J.P. Morrell on his hard work and commitment to the women of our state, as well as thank Senators Karen Carter Peterson, Wesley Bishop and Troy Carter.

Why Do We Need the ERA? The ERA will provide a constitutional guarantee that the laws and court decisions that have advanced women’s equality cannot be abridged.

FAIR PAY – The ERA would address gender discrimination in employment and help advance fair pay legislation.

EDUCATION AND ATHLETICS – It would ensure equal opportunity for women in academic and athletic programs.

CURBING VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN – The ERA would allow law enforcement and the judiciary to respond to rape and sexual assault more effectively.

I too am dedicated to ensuring that all Louisianians are treated equally under the law. This week, I reached out to members of the legislature to urge them to vote in favor of Senator Morrell’s bill. Please take a moment to read my letter below!

Once elected to the legislature, I will continue this fight for equality in Baton Rouge.