Today marks the end of a divisive, chaotic and emotional 2019 Legislative Session.

Like many of you, I too have been deeply concerned by the extreme positions adopted by some of our lawmakers in Baton Rouge over the past few weeks. Our failure to pass legislation that would allow voters to decide on a small increase to the minimum wage, equal pay, equal rights for women, an abortion bill that makes no exceptions for rape or incest, and now, we cannot even agree on a minimum age for a young person to marry.

There were so many missed opportunities that could have demonstrated our respect for the lives of all people who live in Louisiana. I am left contemplating how these decisions truly reflect family values. It is time for us to consider objectively how we project ourselves to the rest of the country and the world because these decisions have real consequences – economic, or otherwise.

So what are family values? To me, it means caring for those around me whether we are related, or not, agree 100% of the time, or even know each other. It means going out of my way to help people when no one else is looking. It means valuing all people regardless of one’s job, paycheck, race or religion. These are the values that I am teaching my daughter, Hayden, every day through my interactions with others. Am I perfect? Certainly not, but I have yet to meet anyone who is. Experience has taught me that when we find ourselves going down the wrong path, it is important to reflect and make a positive change in course.

We need legislators, who will advocate for common sense ideas. We need people, who will work across the aisle in order to get things accomplished. When our democracy is operating as intended, we will witness more balanced, less emotional public policy coming out of Baton Rouge. This Louisiana will be more attractive to visitors, businesses and people in search of a better life. I know we can do better. Once elected, I pledge to work with the entire legislative body to make decisions that will reflect positively on our state.

For a recap of The Highs and Lows During this Legislative Session, please visit our website!

Thank you to Bill Hammack, Janice Parmelee, Donald Link and our generous host committee for an incredible night at Calcasieu. I want to thank all of you for your support and for your belief in me to be the next representative for District 98.