I am extremely concerned about yesterday’s passage of SB 184; a bill that outlaws abortion as soon as a heartbeat is detected – a point before most women know they are pregnant, and makes no exception for women and girls who are victims of rape or incest. I would like to thank our current State Representative, Neil Abramson and the majority of the New Orleans delegation for voting against a bill that will almost certainly be declared unconstitutional.

Today’s news puts the women of Louisiana in the dangerous position of being told what they can and can’t do with their own bodies, largely by men. I vow as your next representative, to be a vocal leader for a woman’s right to decide if and when to start a family, which is one of the most profound decisions a woman will ever make.

The ramifications of SB 184 are alarming. I have already received word that a major technology company has stated that it will pull its operations and investment in Louisiana, if this law goes into effect. Disney has made a similar claim in Georgia with regard to its filming there. Regressive laws lead to a stagnant economy. Our lawmakers are not being honest with you about the economic consequences of this regressive legislation.

As your next State Representative I will work to modernize our State’s economy and policies. I will always be honest with you. We live in a great state and a great City, made up amazing people, but we cannot expect our economy to thrive by limiting our people’s freedoms and implementing policy that moves us back in time. If we are going to compete in the global, knowledge-based economy, we must move forward. I commit that I will fight to position Louisiana not only for today, but for tomorrow.