The pace of campaigning has certainly picked up since qualifying last week with Neal and Hayden by my side. The many months of careful deliberation about whether to run and all of the meetings, events, canvassing, fundraising, and church visits around District 98, culminated in this very special moment – one my family and I will never forget. That evening family, friends and supporters gathered around as I was honored to receive endorsements from Councilmember-at-Large Jason Williams, and Councilmember Jared Brossett. I must admit, the emotion of the moment caught me off guard.

Since then, I’ve been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support by people from all walks of life. The opportunity to expand my universe to include so many interesting and diverse New Orleanians has been my favorite part of campaigning. It’s also how I have and continue to build an inclusive coalition of support. Once elected, I plan to foster the same meaningful relationships at the legislature, which will assist in moving New Orleans forward.

Neal and I would like to thank all who have played a special role, both big and small. Over the course of the campaign, I’ve shared some personal moments with you about my life, what’s motivated me to run for office, as well as my priorities for New Orleans and Louisiana once elected. We can all readily think of a number of reasons why people seek elected office; however, I believe a careful review of how a candidate invested in the community prior to deciding to run for office is the most telling. My reason is quite simple – I am driven by a desire to help my community and to make it better for future generations.

Long before becoming a political candidate, I dedicated my time and efforts to bringing positive change to the State of Louisiana and District 98.

I founded the Sherman Law Firm, to advocate for individuals and small businesses.

I co-founded Emerge Louisiana and Les Femmes Political Action Committee to foster more women leaders and elected officials, who will usher in the policy change we need in Louisiana.

I proudly served on the Board of Directors of Kingsley House, which educates young children, strengthens families and builds community, and served on a fundraising committee for Educare (early childhood education program) because I am passionate about expanding early learning programs to all children.

Because economic development and putting people back to work are priorities of mine, I proudly served on the Board of Directors of Dress for Success, Travelers Aid Society of New Orleans and the New Freret Business Association.

Governor John Bel Edwards appointed me to serve as a Commissioner on the Louisiana Environmental Education Commission, because I care deeply about solving our existing environmental problems while working to prevent new ones, so we can maintain a sustainable environment for future generations.

I’m ready to roll up my sleeves to start the hard work that awaits us in Baton Rouge. As discussed in past weekly messages, there’s much at stake on a local and state level. To read more about my priorities and to read some of my previous weekly messages on topics like Coastal Restoration, Sewerage and Water Board/Infrastructure, Equal Pay and Early Childhood Education, click HERE.

Finally, I ask for your vote on October 12, 2019. Together, we can build a safe and thriving future for New Orleans.